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The Earl Grey Scheme and the Emigration of Girls from the Workhouses of Laois — 13 Comments

  1. I believe my great grandmother came out from Ireland before 1857 and was part of the earl grey scheme. Her name was Julia Whyte / White born 1836 had a sister Mary

  2. My great great grandmother was Mary Phelan who came out in 1849 on the William and Mary, she married Samuel Clarke who jumped ship and changed his name to George Miller, by all account Mary did well buying property, apparently she had a fiesty nature. Her daughter May Miller married George Tacey my great grandparents.

  3. Hello, Julia was born in Portumna , I have been told she and her sister Mary lived with there grandmother, and that they come home from church one day and the roof of there house had been removed by the English soldiers. I was also told that there ship stopped at Cape Town South Africa and that her sister Mary never got back on the ship. Is there anyway I can see if a Mary Whyte /white lived in Cape Town. My get gte grandmother married a Samuel Griggs in 1857, they had 4 children and lived on a farm in Barringhup, Victoria, than in 1900 they travelled with 2 of there adult children , my grandfather Samuel junior, and Mary Jane, Julia died. 9 days after arriving in Fremantle. I think maybe they were in Kalgoorlie looking for gold, Sam junior told my dad that Julia, had a cuppa with Ned Kelly, I believe she lived in Tipperary , and I know Ned Kelly’s. Fathers family come from Tipperary also, chances are she new the family.

    • Hi , Sharron again, how do you know that Julia/Judith and Mary Whyte/white were not part of the earl grey scheme. I have seen where a Julia white came in 1849 on the William and Mary I think it was
      Regards Sharron

  4. My gg grandmother was Alive Keefe she married William Josiah Sherd who was from Macclesfield UK. Their first child Ellen was born in Sydney 1859. However they moved to a small village Bungendore in NSW where they raised a large family. I am travelling to Ireland in March and hope to increase my knowledge of this sad time.

    • Hi Robyn
      It’s so funny I read this last night then this morning my DNA test came back matching us both as close relatives.
      My gg grandmother was Emily Sherd and her parents were Alicia Keefe and William Josiah sherd.
      My name is Cheryl Latu I live on the central coast and I believe we have mutual cousins in the area.
      Live to share any info with you and also pick your brain for any new info

  5. My ancestors on the list Numbers 67 and 68, Margaret and Mary Fitzgerald (Pemberton) are on this list can anyone please help me with any details of which workhouse they came from? Your help would be much appreciated.

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