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St. Fiacc of Sleaty, Co. Laois. By Seán Murray — 3 Comments

  1. Yes, this parallels folklore I’ve heard concerning the importance of sleaty and how Aeds history of Sleaty was doctored by Murchu m mactheni (phonetics!!) to upholster Armagh’s push for primacy.
    I see here under mention of a talk on Clonenagh in September: must attend. Just stumbled on the Laois heritage site through a link to CHAS (Carlow). Bridget

  2. Where exactly is Sleaty, if I am approaching Carlow from the Grague Cullen direction.
    That is an excellent article and I quite agree with Bridget’s comment.


    • Sleaty is on the Laois side of the Barrow. If your in Carlow follow the ring road around the town until you come to the Sleaty roundabout, Follow this road out almost to Knock beg College and on the right side of the road you will find the site, well worth a visit I must say

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