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Queen’s County 1919 – 1923: Attacks on Big Houses and Protestant Landowners — 3 Comments

  1. Very interesting article. My grandfather told my mother of an instance during the war of independence, when he and some other protestants were falsely accused by the local IRA brigade of being involved in tying up a Catholic Priest. They arrived at the small farm (situated on the laois Tipperary border) where my grandfather lived. They brought out his elderly mother, put my grandfather against the wall to shoot him. In the mean time, his good friend and neighbour (who was in the IRA) was informed that the IRA brigade had gone to my grandfathers farm to execute him. Immediately my grandfathers friend cycled to my grandfathers farm and arrived just in time to tell them that he had been with my grandfather on the alleged night of the tying up of the priest, and that they had been no where in the vicinity of the alleged tying up. His IRA neighbour and friend saved him from the hands of the local IRA. My Grandfather claimed that the motives of the IRA had been purely sectarian, and they made up lies to intimidate, accuse and perhaps kill local protestants. In Errill, Co Laois, My grandmother told my mother about a time during the early part of the 20th century (perhaps during war of independence, civil war, I do not know) when her own mother died of heart attack in the arms of my grandmother while walking across fields to avoid agitators who boycotted them from entering part of their farmland. For many years, protestants have been fearful of telling their story. I am glad that at last, this silence is being lifted.

    • Hi Kevin I’ll have to put this question to a few people and I’ll get back to you with the answer as soon as we find out…

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